Soon, it will be pretty

Pendant in the works

I’ve finished all the hot work, and this is about to go in the pickle to remove the oxidation. Pure gold does not oxidize, but I use 14k and the alloys (silver and copper)  oxidize under high heat.

I designed this to hang on a doeskin cord (I know, I know!), and the toggle with which it will close is to the right of my thumb.

Some of the most beautiful turquoise in the world comes from the middle-east, and the piece I’ve chosen to use in this pendant is from Afghanistan, and quite different from American-mined turquoise.

In the US, we usually see turquoise set in sterling, but in the rest of the world it’s more traditional to use gold.   I love the blue with the gold and how it references other cultures (eastern, South American), but the setting and leather are a nod back towards American silverwork.

Look to see this listed in my shop this afternoon.


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