Personal Entries


My brother in law (Prince of Marketing at Enormous International Corporation) tells me I must have a blog if I ever hope to have a successful business.  No blog, and as Bridget Jones says, I’ll die alone and be found weeks later half -eaten by an Alsatian.

I’m not totally on board with this.  It makes me cringe a bit.  Why would anyone be interested in hearing a strangers’ thoughts?  Where’s the context? If you were here with me?  Oh, we’d have a good time!  Everyone comes to my house and has a good time!  We’d kick back and have a mommy soda and a good gossip.  You could bring your kids, and I’d cook something wonderful for you. We’d laugh until our eyes watered.  But my thoughts, out of context and thrown out into the blogosphere?  Ugh.  My brother in law must think my thoughts are mighty fabulous.  He’s a good man.

It’s also a bit frightening.  Giving away a bit of yourself to a faceless audience.

My thoughts, as I begin?

I’d like to make beautiful jewelry that women can wear and smile each time they catch sight of it.  I’d love to know something I made is a bit of pretty in someone’s life. I’d like my painting to get even better for having the pressure taken off by not needing it to be a means of income.

I’d like to be a good Mom.  I want to get my boys out the door, headed to college at 18, with great big strong wings.  I don’t want any potential squandered on my watch.  I want them to be healthy and strong and thoughtful, and ready to love and be loved and enjoy the lives ahead of them.

Peace out, babies.  It’s cold in North Carolina tonight, and I’m headed to bed.


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