Walker, Texas Ranger

Things my teenager exclaimed, while home sick for three days and watching “Walker, Texas Ranger.” 1.  “Alex got shot?  Again?” 2.   “WHY?  WHY do they always throw down their guns and go hand-to-hand with Walker?  He will kick your ass.  Haven’t they seen this show?” 3.  ” OK.  All Cherokees have long hair,  and drink out of streams.” 4.  On Walker … Continue reading Walker, Texas Ranger

Custom, continued

OK, ok, I’ll show you what it looks like, now.  Cripes.  Nagging naggers! G’s almost- finished pendant.  It measures 2.6 mm across, and 3.2 mm from top to bottom.  G just checked out the photos, and loves the piece, but does want the shine knocked back a bit.  I’ll do that,  and I’ll ship it tomorrow. I’m thrilled.  This is … Continue reading Custom, continued

Custom adventures

Every once in a while custom work can be a nightmare, but usually it is incredibly rewarding and fun. It’s nightmarish when clients are insistently unrealistic (“What I’d REALLY like is to replace the sapphire in this design with a petrified emu egg, and the gold with moonbeams and fairy dust.  And I’d like to … Continue reading Custom adventures

Albino tea

“Green tea tastes like hay.” –“Then why are you drinking it?” “It’s supposed to be so good for me, and keep me from getting cancer.” –“Black tea has some antioxidants, too, but not as much as green.  White tea is even better for you than green tea, though.” “Now, what is white tea?  How do … Continue reading Albino tea

Aye, Lad. I know.

My 12 year old is a huge soccer fan, and loves to listen to Scotsman Tommy Smith commentate European matches.  Riley does a dead-on impression of Smith.   During one of these matches, Ri swaggered into the kitchen, Scot’s accent in full force, and propped one leg up on a kitchen chair. “You know lass, I’ve always … Continue reading Aye, Lad. I know.

New Earrings

Just finished these and one other pair of earrings, and will be listing them later this afternoon.  These are 14k with citrine, and the others are a very cool sterling/gold mix.  I know my collection is short on earrings, but I’ve been having a lovefest with rings lately.  Now I have some earring ideas beginning … Continue reading New Earrings


Yesterday I hurt myself , and I blame it on the silver.  Which I know is ridiculous.  While working with gold I’ve burned my tongue, soldering  (do not ask), burned my hair with my torch (now I have bangs), and made myself sick on fumes when I’ve forgotten to turn on the fans.  But I’ve … Continue reading Ouch